harry potter minimalist cover series: the prisoner of askaban


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The first official posters for all three films


men with dark hair and pretty blue eyes fuck me up on a daily basis

And do not mistake to think,
             that I could possibly be made to  l e a v e  you.


"I don’t even hear the bombs that are being dropped on our heads anymore. Your messages are the only thing that keep me going. I don’t know what I’d do if you stopped writing, Sherlock. It scares me more than everything else. -JW"

Future!soldier!John angst yah sorry. I would’ve done it better if hadn’t spent way too much time trying to remember how to use after effect lol. Go wild on imagining the backstory on this.


the hottest thing anyone has ever seen ever [x]


'but men have feelings too!'

yes.  we know.  we’ve been catering to them since the dawn of humanity.